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UXR Spotlight: Diego Parra

Diego Parra
Diego Parra

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Tell us a little about yourself, Diego Parra.
Hola! I'm Diego Parra and am from Mexico. I started in Engineering but found it too focused on technical complexity instead of the practical why of things. So I transitioned to Industrial Design and realized the key is understanding the user as a human. I allow my curiosity to guide me, from exploring social sciences to sports performance. I do UXR for tax tech development and am passionate about comprehending various topics and creating solutions collaboratively.

Who has had the biggest impact on your UX Research career?
Xaviera, a teacher in university… She’s amazing! She introduced me to research for product design and realized that the better the research the better the solution. As a UXR, it’s fundamental to understand that good design is in the head of the user, not in the head of the designer.

How would you explain your work to a 6 year-old?
“I ask questions and they pay me for it”. Kids love making questions, they want to understand. One of the best things about UXR is that you can remain curious and become better at it! 🤓

What would you like to talk about with other researchers and how can they find you?
How to make research relevant when product strategy is not yet solid. Product development involves a collaborative process of understanding, defining and exploring, which can become challenging in complex products. Feel free to reach out through LinkedIn or 🦄

Thank you, Diego Parra!