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😌 Humans of User Weekly

Humans of User Weekly is the name of a section in the UX Research newsletter USERWEEKLY. Each week, we will meet a new User Researcher and hear about their experiences at work and beyond.

I hope this brings our community closer together, helps people connect and feel inspired! And I hope you enjoy this new section as much as I do. You find a list of researchers from previous newsletter episodes below.

Spotlight: Nikki Anderson-Stanier
Hi! I’m Nikki Anderson-Stanier, a qualitative user researcher who meandered into the field through a mixture of a background in psychology and attending a party in which someone started talking about this elusive thing called user experience.
Spotlight: Christopher (Kai) Wong
I’m Kai Wong, a UX Specialist, Design Writer, and Data Visualization Advocate. I started in Healthcare UX, but have since transitioned into doing UXR and Design for Federal IT organizations. I write about UXR and Design weekly for the UX Collective publication on Medium, and also write about the int…
Researcher Spotlight: Crystal Tan
Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Crystal Tan and UX Researcher at Grab. I’ve been in the craft of understanding humans for as long as I can remember. My first memory is a professor telling me “When you know how anything works, you can deconstruct it” ...and reimagine it,
Spotlight: Roberta Dombrowski
Hey! I’m Roberta Dombrowski, a qualitative researcher, and currently work as VP of UXR at User Interviews. Earlier in my career, I worked as a learning experience designer and product manager.
UXR Spotlight: Jane Davis
Hi, I’m Jane Davis. I’m insatiably curious, wildly optimistic, and extremely cynical. My day job is Head of UX Research and Content Design for Zoom (yes, that Zoom).
UXR Spotlight: Gregg Bernstein
Hello! I’m Gregg Bernstein. I wrote the book Research Practice because I love user research (and user researchers!).
UXR Spotlight: Varun Murugesan
Hello, I’m Varun! I really like research that champions the best of people, creativity and technology - so that’s why I do UX research!
UXR Spotlight: Babz Jewell
Hiya, I’m Babz Jewell! Working as a Principal UX Researcher based in Atlanta, GA, I have studied and worked around the world across many disciplines.
UXR Spotlight: Sofia Linse
I’m Sofia Linse, a Senior UX Researcher at Braze, a customer engagement platform that provides tools for marketers to create personalized, contextually relevant cross-channel communication.
UXR Spotlight: Yihan Wu
Hi, I’m Yihan Wu, a cognitive science Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota. I study how to foster creativity with the goal to improve our abilities to solve complex tasks in daily life.
UXR Spotlight: Isil Tatlicioglu
Hi! I’m Isil Tatlicioglu. I’m a UX researcher at Next Big Thing AG, a Berlin-based venture building studio that provides long-term support to aspiring founders, businesses, and investors.