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User Weekly

UX Research is challenging.

Staying up-to-date doesn’t have to be.

USERWEEKLY is your weekly email to understand what is happening in UX research. It's the best way to keep up on trends, methods and insights across the industry. Each week I capture the pulse of our community and answer a simple question: What mattered in UX Research this week?

User Weekly is written by me, Jan Ahrend and I'd love for you to join!

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🗞 How we misuse the term "user insight"

AI in user research with VP of Research at NN/g | Researcher Burnout | Creative ways to playback research | Build a data-driven semantic environment.

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🗞 Effective user research meetings need a template

Connecting with users | AI for UX: user research prompt best practices | How to extend the lifecycle of customer insights | Effective user research meetings

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🗞 Are you stopping one step short of driving change through user insights?

Future of UX Research | Decision Framework for UX Resourcing | Surveys and the "True Score" mistake | Are you boring your interviewer by over-explaining context? | User research with humans vs. AI