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Getting into UX Research - Resources

Getting into UX Research

My list of articles, videos and podcasts on getting into UX Research, from understanding methods and the research processs, to preparing for your UX Research job applications. Any resoures missing? Let me know.

What is UX Research?

Introduction articles

  • What Is UX Research and Why Is It Important? (Article)
  • The ultimate beginners guide to UX research in 2022 (Article)

What's work life like as a UX Researcher

  • 30 Days in the Shoes of a User Researcher (Article)
  • Things I wish I knew before becoming a UX Researcher (Video, 7 min)


  • The Evolution of Evidence-Based Design (Article)

UX Research Training

Free Training Material

  • Aona's "New to UX Research" YouTube playlist (14 videos)
  • What bootcamps don't teach you about UX Research (Video, 59 min)
  • UX Research Introduction Course for Beginners of User Experience Researcher Career (Video, 21 min)

Training on Coursera

You can sign up for Coursera courses for free. Read here how.

  • User Experience Research and Design Specialization (Link)

UX Research Methods 

Overview of UX Research Methods

  • When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods (Article)
  • UX Research Cheat Sheet (Article)
  • User Research Method Cards (Article, PDF)
  • Conducting User Interviews, Usability Testing, and Surveys (Articles)

Writing UX Research plans

  • User Research 101 — How to write a solid research plan (Article)
  • How to create a practical user research plan (Article)
  • „5 Users Are Enough“…for what, exactly? (Article)
  • Five UX questions to keep in mind when you start your research (Article)

Quantitative UX Research

  • How A / B Testing Improves Your Product and Service Launch (Article)

Usability Testing

  • Usability testing discussion guide (Article)
  • Usability Testing for Enterprise Products: Everything You Need to Know (Article)

User Interviews

  • A survival guide to user interviews (Article)

Field Research

  • UX Research: What Customers Can Expect During a Site Visit (Article)

Participant Recruiting

  • Defining Target or Test Groups (Article)

UX Research Process

Overview of the UX Research Processs

  • How to Create a Repeatable Process for UX Research (Article, template)
  • User Research — more than you expect (Article)

Analyzing Data

  • All the research data has been gathered… Now what? (Article)

Presenting & socializing UX Research

  • 31 Creative UX Research Presentations and Reports – Templates and Examples (Article)

Applying & Interviewing for UX Research positions

Preparing for your application

  • How to Land a UX Research Internship (with Open Listings) (Article)
  • How to get a UX research job – Tips from industry experts (Article)
  • In-demand UX research characteristics: An analysis of 100 open jobs (Article)
  • Common questions asked by students pursuing UXR (Article)
  • How to Find a New Job: An HBR Guide (Article)
  • Path to be a UX researcher and how to stand out (Video, 32 min)

Transitioning from Academia to UX Research

  • What I wish I knew, when transitioning from academic research to UX research (Article)
  • Transitioning from Cognitive science academic research to UX Research (Article)
  • The 6 biggest changes going from grad school to UX research, and how to prepare (Article)

The UX Research Portfolio

  • The Ultimate Guide to Building a UX Research Portfolio – with Great Examples (Article)
  • What not to do in a UX Research portfolio (Article)
  • User research portfolios — belly up to the BAR (Article)

The UX Research Take Home Challenge

  • Create a realistic UXR case study by avoiding this approach (Article)

The UX Research Interview

  • A Cheatsheet for User Interview and Follow Ups Questions (Article)
  • UX research interviews: what to expect (Part 1, Part 2)
  • What to expect from technical UX research interview questions (Article)
  • 10 tips for acing your UX research job interview (Article)
  • Cracking The UX Researcher Interview (Article)
  • UX Researcher Job Interview TIPS | How to Prepare for UX Recruiter Call & Hiring Manager part 1 (Video, 16 min)
  • How I Prepared: UX Research Interview @ GOOGLE (Video, 19 min)
  • Typical UX Researcher Interview Process and my Google interview experience (Video, 12 min)
  • A Recruiter Tells You How To Get A UX Researcher Job (ft. Melissa Albright) (Podcast, 40 min)
  • What goes behind a UX Research Intern Interview @Meta (Video, 7 min)

UX Research Interview Questions

  • 33 UX Researcher Interview Questions Worth Preparing For (Article)
  • 46 Interview Questions for User Experience Researchers at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook (Article)
  • Common UX Research Job Interview Questions & How to Answer Them (Article)
  • User Experience Interview Questions & Answers (Article)
  • The 4 Types of UX Interview Questions to Master (Article)
  • UX research interview discussion: the big questions (Article)
  • 5 Questions You’ll Be Asked In Your UX Research Job Interview (Video, 5 min)

Reverse Engineer UX Research Hiring: Understanding those who hire

  • How to prepare for a UXR interview as a hiring manager (Article)
  • Hire the Right User Researcher: How to Write a Compelling Take-Home Challenge (Article)


  • Why are you rejected in UX research interviews? (What I learned) (Video, 16 min)

Case Studies

  • Testing the Design of the German Corona-Warn-App: Online Studies (Article)
  • Remote Usability Testing at SAPPHIRE: Shaping the Future of SAP Products (Article)
  • Rewards and Pains: User Research in Brazil (Article)

UX Research Book Recommendations

  • Books to improve your UX-research skills (Article)
  • Darren Hood’s UX Research (UXR) Book Recommendation List (Article)