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🗞 UX Research on a 0–1 product at Microsoft

Jan Ahrend
Jan Ahrend
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Hi there! 👋 Thanks for stopping by. USERWEEKLY is your weekly email to understand what is happening in User Research. It's the best way to keep up on trends, methodologies and insights in UX Research. It is written by me, Jan Ahrend. Each week I capture the pulse of our community and answer a simple question: What mattered in User Research this week?

😌 Humans of User Research with Naoil Sbai

Naoil Sbai
Naoil Sbai

Tell us a little about yourself, Naoil.
I am Naoil Sbai - I come from Grenoble in France, nestled right in the heart of the Alps. It’s a dream spot for outdoor lovers and cheese fans! 

A while ago, I took a trip around Europe and fell for London. The city vibes, the thriving culture, and oh, the yummy Sunday roast! Now, with my French roots and Moroccan background, I consider London my third home. 

I’ve worked in UX for over a decade. I got my start in academia, and now, I lead research teams across different industries. I enjoy helping teams do their best and making sure research is part of the big picture in any company. Also, I am a certified coach.   

Life outside of work is equally important. You can often find me in East London at Hotpod doing yoga, spinning to some great music, or whipping up new recipes to enjoy with friends and family. As a nature-lover, I also take every opportunity to be outside, appreciating the great outdoors.

What sparked your passion for user experience research?
My journey into the world of UX began with a curiosity rooted in psychology. Initially, my aspiration was to work as a clinical psychologist, particularly inspired by a desire to work with children with autism. But as I delved deeper into the diverse branches of psychology, I realised I could solve practical problems extended far beyond this. Whether it was issues in education, the health sector, or the environment, the problem-solving component of psychology captivated me. 

During my master’s degree in psychology, I stumbled upon the world of human-centred design, and it was love at first sight! One of my key projects involved collaborating with the transport agency of Grenoble in an initiative targeted at reducing car usage. The goal was to alleviate air pollution by developing a user-friendly system to help residents plan their journeys more efficiently using alternative methods.  

As I delved deeper into this field, I found myself drawn towards technology. There’s something about solving problems on a grander scale. In fact, my PhD journey was sponsored by an Innovation and Design agency where I worked, amongst other things, on developing smart home applications for energy-self-sufficient buildings.  

Fast forward to today, and I find myself right where I want to be - building and empowering teams to create impact within organisations.

Describe your dream vacation spot for a creative research retreat.
Yoga and surf retreats in Morroco. There, I can trade in my laptop, and Google Meet calls for surfboards and sun salutations. This change of pace helps clear my head and boosts creativity. 

For UX work, balance is essential. We constantly flit from one context to another, diving deep into different worlds. We engage in conversations, we listen, we connect pieces and fill gaps. It’s a dynamic interchange, a dance between figuring out the complex and simplifying it. Sometimes, it feels like we never stop. 

That’s why finding harmony between my personal life and my work is important. I make a conscious effort to keep my mind receptive, to stay grounded among the daily bustle, and to listen actively to the world around me. For me, it’s not just about the work; it’s also about fostering an environment in which people can work together and understand each other’s points of view.

What would you like to talk about with other researchers and how can they find you?
For those wanting to connect, you can find me on LinkedIn. I am always up for discussing all things research, coaching and leadership. Let’s get connected!

Thank you, Naoil!

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What UX research “maturity” looks like and how we get there
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Rethinking personas in UX with Jennifer Blatz
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