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🗞 Research roadmapping at Stack Overflow

Jan Ahrend
Jan Ahrend
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Hi there! 👋 Thanks for stopping by. USERWEEKLY is your weekly email to understand what is happening in User Research. It's the best way to keep up on trends, methodologies and insights in UX Research. It is written by me, Jan Ahrend. Each week I capture the pulse of our community and answer a simple question: What mattered in User Research this week?

😌 Humans of User Research with Sabah Haider

Sabah Haider
Sabah Haider

Hi Sabah, tell us a little about yourself!
I was born in The Netherlands and raised in Canada. After I finished my BA in Politics I wanted to pursue a journalism career but ended up taking a job as an editor at a skateboarding magazine in California. I later moved to London and pursued an MA in Film Studies and career in filmmaking during which I moved to Beirut and made films! After many years there I decided to return to Canada to do a PhD in Anthropology and Film during which I discovered the world of UX Research and fell in love with it. Based in Paris, I am a Senior UX Researcher at BOLT where I lead user research for the international driver and rider apps. Previously I was at Google for two years, first on the Google Assistant team and later on the Waze team.

What sparked your passion for user experience research?
Having worked many years as a journalist and filmmaker I was already used to studying people and trying to make sense of their behaviors. While living in Lebanon, I worked in Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps, teaching art, photography and doing needs assessment for NGOs. When I went on to do my Phd and discovered UX research it was immediately intuitive to me and clicked … I feel like everything I had done my career up until that point culminated in me discovering that hey, I am a UX researcher too.

Describe your dream vacation spot for a creative research retreat.
Having done fieldwork in many low-infrastructure communities, I have learned that the most creativity, innovation and brilliance comes from there, those places where people are neglected, disconnected, deprived and ignored. People who experience those hardships are also people who are constantly thinking outside the box to innovate and explore ways to effectively meet their needs. We have so much to learn from them. The tech industry spends too much time copying and competing with each other. The real place we can and should learn from is from those people who we as an industry are ignoring. My dream vacation for a creative research retreat would be to any of these communities so that I can observe, ideate and iterate with them.

How can people find you?
Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or by email to I’m always happy to connect with creatives, open minds and likeminded people 🙂

Thank you, Sabah!

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📚 Articles of the Week.

The truth about research insights
Crafting impactful UX insights is more than presenting data; learn the keys to ensure your hard work resonates with stakeholders, avoiding the dreaded "Is that it?" response. Dave Tang 12/12

What Spotify’s latest layoff means for a career in UX Research
Spotify's layoffs prompt a rethink on UX Research roles; explore insights on adapting to industry shifts and strategically investing in your research career. Meltem Naz Kaso Coskun 12/11

8 maxims to help you think straight about UX research
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Exploring UX research: the second edition of ‘interviewing users’
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The future of UX research is brighter with AI
Five observations to help UXRs make sense of the artificial intelligence hype. Ben Wiedmaier 12/05

Best UX research books (according to a survey)
We surveyed the UX communities for UX research books recommendations and here are the results. Explore our list of the top 15 user research books for 2024. Jana Filusova 12/07

Don’t get stuck in ‘discovery’ with insights no one asked for
Designers in corporate and consultancy roles resonate with the struggle to secure a seat at the strategic table, emphasizing the need to showcase value beyond aesthetics and highlight a deep understanding of business for effective problem-solving. Martin Sandstrom 12/13

We’re practicing UX Research wrong
Why UXR today fails to influence organisations and actually make an impact. Melody Koh 12/11

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🎥 Video of the Week.

The ins and outs of research roadmapping at Stack Overflow - Airtime webinar with Mariann Lowery
Uncover the synergy between prioritizing and democratizing research in a conversation with Mariann Lowery, UX Research Lead at Stack Overflow, as she shares insights on establishing a flexible research roadmap that seamlessly integrates with continuous research practices. YouTube 12/02

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🔉 Audio of the Week.

AI and UX Research
Dive into the transformative impact of AI in UX and beyond with the YouX podcast, marking the beginning of a series that explores the far-reaching implications of artificial intelligence in the evolving world of user experience. Spotify Apple 12/13

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