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🗞 Navigating user research in the age of AI

Jan Ahrend
Jan Ahrend
5 min read
💡 This week, I had a great chat with Nina Farkache, UX Research Lead at We talked about her impressive career journey, her goals for breaking organizational silos with cross-company strategic research, and a lesson learned from a recent research mishap. If you're curious about how to scale UX research teams or interested in responsible research democratization, Nina's insights are invaluable.

🗞 In this newsletter, dive into key topics like integrating mixed methods in UX research, the value of reporting small sample sizes, and the potential of AI in user research. Discover advice from 9 UX experts on screener questions and explore a crash course in strategic product research. Plus, get inspired by Sophia Omarji's story on navigating life after layoffs at Spotify. Enjoy!

Happy Researching, Jan 🙌

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😌 Humans of User Research with Nina Farkache

Nina Farkache
Nina Farkache

Hi Nina, tell us a little about yourself!
Hello, I'm Nina Farkache, a Lead User Experience Researcher at (a platform that supports and streamlines work and project management) with over 20 years of global experience in user and trends research. My journey began at IDEO as a designer after graduating with a degree in industrial design from the Netherlands.

This exposure to human-centered research sparked a passion that has directed my career ever since. Before joining I ran my own research consultancy, conducted research across various industries and for the past decade, I’ve been teaching ‘Design Research’ in the Design Management Master’s program at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. I love mentoring and helping individuals deepen their Design research and UX research knowledge.

What’s a professional goal you aim to achieve in the coming year
In many product companies, researchers are embedded in a product space that consists of multiple teams. They prioritize research questions within this product space and support research activities for this particular group. This structure may lead to each product group working in a silo on research that is only related to them and may prevent addressing cross-company strategic challenges that relate to multiple product spaces. This year I aim to challenge this approach. I recently initiated a cross-company strategic research program that will cut across multiple product spaces and break the organizational silos. I aim to lead research that will focus on complex business questions and influence long-term product vision and decisions relevant to the whole company. The outcomes of this type of research will break silos and affect multiple teams and will create a unified understanding of our customer base.

Share a valuable lesson you learned from a research mishap
I recently learned a valuable lesson from a research mishap while planning in-context interviews for our mobile app group's Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) research. The trip was unexpectedly canceled after extensive preparation, which was initially frustrating. However, I embraced this setback as an opportunity to innovate. We shifted to a three-phase remote approach: first, a diary study where participants recorded their mobile usage on a Miro board; second, a remote workshop with deep dives into key JTBD; and third, a survey to identify and validate the most critical jobs. This revised method not only yielded the insights we needed but also fostered a unified, human-centric language within the team, influencing our strategic roadmap. This experience reinforced the value of viewing mishaps as catalysts for creative solutions rather than setbacks.

What can people reach out to you about and how can they find you
I love sharing and chatting with other researchers across the world on various topics. Current topics that I am busy with are UXR team structure and the way they operate within organizations, best practices for a healthy scale of UXR team, responsible democratizing of research, AI-aided research, JTBD research using past and future interviews and leading an effective cross-company research. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn. I’m there often!

Thank you, Nina!

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🎥 Video of the Week.

Doing UX research with AI
Explores effective UX research and storytelling to engage audiences. Key insights: combine quantitative and qualitative methods, align research questions with goals, use AI tools, and craft compelling stories. YouTube 05/10

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🔉 Audio of the Week.

Growing Impactful UX Research Organisations
Monal Chokshi shares lessons from growing three UX research orgs and enhancing research impact. Key insights: understand management challenges, increase researcher influence, and effectively socialize insights to partners. Spotify Apple 05/13

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🗓 UserCalendar: Events Next Week.

[In-person] Navigating beyond the Evaluative Loop: The power of generative research
London, May 21 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm EDT
Escape the Evaluative Loop with Generative Research. Learn how to break free from stagnation and foster innovation through impactful user-centric product development strategies.
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