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🗞 Integrating UX Insights into Product Planning

Jan Ahrend
Jan Ahrend
4 min read
Today, I'm releasing my database of all User Research resoures I ever featured in the past three years of this newsletter. It features over 1,000 articles, thought pieces, and guides to elevate User Research skills. It's completely free, and I'll update the collection monthly. You can search for keywords using CMD/Ctrl+F!

💡 Also this week, I had a chat with Hillary, a UX researcher based in Lagos who's gearing up for a move to the UK. She's got a fascinating background, having lived in Ghana and the US before, and she's super passionate about her work in product operations, conversion rate optimization, and data analysis. On top of that, she runs HerSynergy Tribe, a community for women in tech across EMEA. We also touched on some great insights she's picked up from her diverse career, including the importance of connecting user research to broader business objectives and tailoring presentations for different audiences.

Happy Researching, Jan 🙌

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😌 Humans of User Research with Hillary Omitogun

Hillary Omitogun
Hillary Omitogun

Hi Hillary, tell us a little about yourself!
Hey there! I'm Hillary, a UX researcher currently based in Lagos, Nigeria (previously lived in Ghana and the US). I’m excited about potential move to the UK, because I thrive on challenges and new experiences! Curiosity has always been my driving force. It's why I always sat in the front row in college. After over three years in market and web research, I transitioned to UX research. In the last year, I've done product operations, conversion rate optimization, and data analysis. I'm not sure there's a single role that fully encompasses all four of these skills and experiences. I also run a community for women in the middle of their tech careers (2-7 years of experience) across EMEA, called HerSynergy Tribe.

What’s one thing you wish you realized earlier in your research career?
Early in my career, I focused mainly on UXR and did not bother myself with anything outside of research or product. I now understand that being a UXR goes beyond just understanding users of the product. It's important to be able to link user/product/market insights to the overarching business objectives. This requires staying informed and proactively seeking updates on the business's direction and goals. For UXR professionals in larger companies, I go as far as earnings calls as this is an excellent way to gain insight into business objectives. In summary, I now realize that as a UXR, I'm not just at the intersection of the product and users (which is what I used to think). I'm a collaborator and connector who does everything necessary to understand and incorporate business objectives into research processes, making the insights I gather not just relevant but pivotal for strategic decisions.

Share a valuable lesson you learned from a research mishap.
Mhmm while at WhatsApp, I had to present a research project to various teams to maximize impact (four presentations in a week!). I made the beginner's mistake of prepping for the first presentation, with the assumption that I'd present the same way to the other teams. Needless to say, I now know it's important to tailor presentations to the intended audience.

What can people reach out to you about and how can they find you?

I enjoy connecting with people in general, researcher or not. As long as we have some similar values, I'm happy to connect. Lately, I've been really into:

  • Books about psychotherapists and their patients, I loved 'Maybe You Should Talk to Someone' by Lori Gottlieb and 'Good Morning Monster' by Catherine Gildiner.
  • Data science & blockchain, having been in the web3 space for years, so I'm happy to chat about this too.
  • Working on exciting projects targeting underserved populations.
  • Community building & women's empowerment (especially relevant as I lead HerSynergy Tribe)

Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter (@hillary_lo). If the move to London happens, I'd love to connect with people there too!

Thank you, Hillary!

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🎥 Videos of the Week.

Leveraging Behavioral Audits for Better Outcomes — Christelle Ngnoumen
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🔉 Audio of the Week.

The future of UX Research with Judd Antin, Dave Hora, and Christiana Lackner
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🗓 UserCalendar: Events Next Week.

HCI International 2024 ($895+)
June 29 – July 4 EDT
CHI International covers cutting-edge research and advancements in Human-Computer Interaction, providing a platform for experts to share knowledge and collaborate. Learn more